2012 Cinderella Project Report

Our 2012 Cinderella Project was held on Saturday, March 17, 2012, at 140 Magnolia Street.

The event was scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. Several young ladies were present at 7:30 a.m. Approximately 80 young ladies attended and each were accompanied by their parents, friends, and/or other family members. The participants included junior high and high school students from Spartanburg, Union, Cherokee, and Laurens counties. Subsequent to the event, dresses were delivered to the Charles Lea Center, the School for the Deaf and Blind, and local assisted living facilities to be used for their proms and formals. In addition to dresses, numerous items of make-up, jewelry, and accessories were given away. After the event the remaining gift bags, make-up, and accessories were taken to Safe Homes.

While waiting, the attendees observed and participated in a self-defense class compliments of The City of Spartanburg’s Public Safety Department. Thank you to officers Jeff Grant and Katrina Canada of the Spartanburg Public Safety Department for the selfdefense instruction.

Thank you to members of the Spartanburg Bar, to the volunteers, and other contributors from the Spartanburg community for your valuable assistance in contributing to this important project.

A very special thank you to Tom Hughes, Pat Knie and Gerald Smith for agreeing to host the event at 140 Magnolia Street.

This was a wonderful event and everyone had a great time.

Grace G. Knie, Chairperson


Carolyn Ragan , Maggie Hodge, Mark Nowell, Samantha Lewis ,Sina Guffey, Brittany Scott & daughter, Eden Gamble, Victoria Olsen ,Sarah Prosser, Desiree Ross ,Tammy McCraw, Hannah McCraw, Lakisha Wilkins, Sarah Parker, Vera Gossett, Sydney Broadus, Hattie Reyes, Ana Valencia, Nettie Vaughn, Gail Moffitt, Linda Moffitt, Officer Jeff Grant, and Officer Katrina Canada


Dresses/ Accessories/ Make-up
Dianna Almsridge
Cindy Buff
Sandra Bostwick
Butler Means Law Firm, Debra Johnson
Lou Canterbury
Karen Cannon
Carolina Traditions
Destiny! Baptist Church
Joanne Duncan
Jennifer C. Evins, President & CEO Chapman Cultural Center
Estella Hunnicutt
Christina Jeter
Ann Johnson
Junior League of Spartanburg
Melinda Kims
Kathy Lattrell
Doris McDowell
Suzanne Pryor
Claire Sasser
Bertram Sippola
Spartanburg Community College
Prina Tailor
Labinka Wallace
Carolyn Ragan
Rebecca Randell
Westside Dermatology, LLC
Financial Contributions
Andrew J. Johnston , Attorney
Christopher Kennedy, N. Douglas Brannon, Brac Turnipseed , Attorneys
J. Benjamin Stevens, Attorney
M. Todd Thigpen, Attorney
Building Located at 140 Magnolia St.
Tom Hughes
Pat Knie
Gerald Smith